Charges Dismissed:

Client was stopped because he was driving a vehicle that was owned by a person who’s driving privileges had been suspended. Attorney Knuesel filed a motion to dismiss based on the officer’s knowledge that client was not the registered owner of the vehicle and the stop was therefore, not justified. The charges were dismissed by the State at the hearing on the motion.

Charges Dismissed:

Client was charged with Terroristic Threats based on an audiotape that the State alleged contained threats made by client toward an attorney in the Winona County Attorney’s Office. During the course of the case, the audiotape was lost. The State sought to introduce to the Court the transcript of the tape. Attorney Knuesel moved to suppress the audiotape. The Court suppressed the tape and the State dismissed the charges.

Restraining Order Issued:

Client was being harassed by a former co-worker. Client hired Attorney Knuesel to help her obtain a restraining order against the co-worker. Co-worker and her attorney asked for a trial. Attorney Knuesel presented co-worker’s attorney with witness statements that clearly indicated that co-worker had engaged in harassment. On the date of trial, co-worker agreed to the issuance of the restraining order.

Not Guilty:

Client faced Felony Stalking Charges after his estranged wife accused him of assaulting her. Client informed Attorney Knuesel that his wife was trying to use the system to get the upper hand in the parties’ divorce and custody dispute. The prosecutor, despite significant evidence to the contrary, believed client’s wife. Attorney Knuesel made a jury trial demand. At trial, Attorney Knuesel, through artful cross examination, was able to impeach the credibility of client’s wife and demonstrate to the jury that she was not credible. The jury took only a half hour to return a Not Guilty verdict.

Restraining Order Dismissed:

Client was issued a Restraining Order after his former fiancé accused him of Domestic Assault and Harassment. Attorney Knuesel and his team conducted an investigation of the interactions between the client and his accuser. On the date of trial, Attorney Knuesel presented the accuser with extensive text messages, emails and social media entries that were discovered during his investigation. The content of these demonstrated that the accuser was not truthful in her application for the restraining order. After seeing this evidence, the accuser left the courthouse and the restraining order was dismissed.

Charges Dismissed:

Client, a college student, was stopped by law enforcement as he walked home late one evening and was charged with Minor Consumption. Attorney Knuesel filed a motion challenging the legality of the seizure of client. After a contested hearing, the Court found that the seizure of client was illegal and all charges were dismissed.

Charges Reduced:

Client was charged with Felony DWI, her 4th DWI offense within ten years. Had she been convicted, client would have suffered extreme consequences, including extension incarceration and the loss of her home. Attorney Knuesel was able to negotiate an agreement for a plea to a reduced charged that allowed client to avoid a felony conviction and jail.

Not Guilty:

Client was charged with Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct. A jury trial was set. The prosecutor offered to settle the case if client plead guilty to gross misdemeanor criminal sexual conduct. Attorney Knuesel and client rejected the offer. At trial, Attorney Knuesel was able to effectively discredit the accuser. The jury appeared convinced that she was lying or mistaken and it took only ten minutes to return a Not Guilty verdict.

Not Guilty:

Client charged with 5th Degree Assault following an altercation with his roommate. Attorney Knuesel made a jury trial demand and the matter was set on for trial. During the trial, through skillful cross examination, Attorney Knuesel was able to establish that client’s accuser was the aggressor and that client only acted in self defense. Client was acquitted of all charges.

Not Guilty – Property Returned:

Client was charged with shooting a deer over bait. The deer, a huge trophy buck, was seized by the DNR. Client’s $1,000 compound bow was also seized. Attorney Knuesel entered a not guilty plea on behalf of his client and the matter was set on for trial. Prior to trial, the State/prosecutor offered to dismiss all charges and return the bow, but not the deer. Client rejected the offer and the matter went to trial. Following a trial, client was acquitted of the charges and all of his property, including the trophy deer, was returned to him.