Continued for Dismissal:

Client was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree and Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Fourth Degree. Client, who was not a citizen of the United States, faced deportation and a prison sentence of four years or more if convicted. Attorney Knuesel negotiated an agreement with the State that allows for the dismissal of all charges against client in three years if he remains law-abiding and pays a reasonable amount of restitution.

CHIPS Petition Dismissed:

County Agency removed children from Client’s home and filed a Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) Petition. Attorney Knuesel set the matter on for trial and told the Court and the County that his client would not agree to any negotiated outcome short of a dismissal of the Petition and an immediate return of the children to Client’s care. The County dismissed the CHIPS Petition after realizing that Attorney Knuesel and his client were not going to change their position. The children were returned to the home the same day.

Charges Dismissed:

Client was charged with Burglary in the First Degree and Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree. The State alleged that client entered a residence without permission and committed criminal sexual conduct against an occupant of the dwelling. If convicted, client faced a prison sentence in excess of five years. Client informed Attorney Knuesel that victim was lying and that she had allowed him into the home and had engaged in consensual sexual relations with him. After thorough evaluation of the evidence, Attorney Knuesel set the matter on for trial. Trial was set for a Monday. On the Thursday before trial, State dismissed the charges against client.

Charges Dismissed:

Client was charged with Fifth Degree Possession of Controlled Substances when some pills were found in his vehicle subsequent to a traffic stop. Attorney Knuesel investigated the matter and was able to provide the State with a sworn statement from another individual who took responsibility for the pills. The charges against client were dropped by the State.

Charges Dismissed:

Client was charged with Felony Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of a Hypodermic Needle, and Failure to Signal after a traffic stop. Attorney Knuesel filed a motion to dismiss based on the fact that the officer did not have a reasonable reason to stop client. Officer testified that he stopped client’s vehicle for failing to signal a turn while exiting a convenience store parking lot on to a public street. Attorney Knuesel argued that a driver is not required to signal while turning out of a private parking lot, citing a Minnesota Court of Appeals case to that effect. The Court dismissed all charges against client.

Charges Dismissed/Driver’s License Reinstated:

Client was charged with DWI and her license was revoked for 90 days following an arrest for DWI. Attorney Knuesel challenged the validity of the stop of client’s vehicle. Officer stopped the vehicle due to his observations of client looking at her cell phone as she executed a turn. After a contested hearing, the Court dismissed the charges against client and reinstated her driver’s license.

Not Guilty:

Client charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 1st Degree. If convicted, client faced a presumptive sentence of 144 months in prison and the considerable likelihood of indefinite civil commitment. During the lengthy jury trial, the State called several lay witnesses as well as a highly paid expert witness who testified against client. Attorney Knuesel was able to discredit the State’s witnesses and convince the jury that the alleged victim was not credible. The jury ultimately returned a Not Guilty verdict.