Whoever unlawfully by means of fire or explosives, intentionally destroys or damages any real or personal property commits arson. Arson can be charged at various severity levels, or degrees, based on the type or nature of the property that is involved. Arson is serious crime and a person convicted of such an offense may be sentenced to imprisonment for anywhere from one year in jail to 20 years in prison and/or a fine of not more than $20,000. The key to building a solid defense in an arson case is to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has experience in handling arson cases. Attorney Kurt J. Knuesel has represented several clients who have been charged with varying levels of arson, including Arson in the First Degree. If you have reason to believe that you are being investigated for or have actually been charged with Arson, you should contact an experienced criminal attorney right away. Attorney Knuesel can be reached 24/7 for consultation during any phase of an investigation. You have a right to consult with an attorney before speaking with law enforcement. It is important that you exercise that right.