Registration Offenses

Most people who are convicted of any predatory offense, including violent crimes and sex crimes, may be required to register as a sex offender. The rules regarding registration are extremely rigid and can be confusing. The penalties for failing to comply with these regulations are severe. Lengthy prison terms and life-time registration are just a few of the consequences that one can face if convicted of a registration offense. Even on a first offense, the current law in the State of Minnesota establishes a mandatory minimum penalty of one year and one day in prison. That is the minimum. The penalty can be far more severe based on the circumstances of each case. Since so much is at stake it is extremely important to be represented by an attorney who is knowledgeable in this area of law. Attorney Kurt J. Knuesel routinely represents individuals who have been charged with registration offenses. Attorney Knuesel has developed several defense strategies for dealing with these types of charges and can help our clients avoid the severe consequences that follow a conviction. In many cases, Attorney Knuesel has been able to resolve these types of cases in a manner that avoids both trial and the mandatory minimum sentence. Call Knuesel Law Firm today to discuss how Attorney Knuesel’s experience and proven results can be of benefit to you.