Sexual Misconduct

Few crimes carry the social stigma of Criminal Sexual Conduct Crimes. If convicted of such a crime, a person will likely suffer negative consequences for the rest of their life. A person convicted of the crime of Criminal Sexual Conduct can expect to be sentenced anywhere from one year in prison and a $3,000.00 fine to thirty (30) years in prison and a $40,000.00 fine. In addition to lengthy prison terms, a person convicted of Sex Crimes can be required to register as sexual offender, in some cases for the rest of their lives. Incarceration for Sex Crimes can also subject a person to the extremely serious civil commitment process and potential designation as a Sexually Dangerous Person. Such a designation can subject the designee to lifetime confinement in a State Hospital. Any person charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct or Possession of Child Pornography should contact a criminal attorney with experience in defending clients charged with Sex Crimes. Attorney Kurt J. Knuesel has defended numerous clients who have been charged with all levels of Sex Crimes. Attorney Knuesel provides aggressive and experienced representation for all clients, including those charged with serious Sex Crimes. Attorney Knuesel has obtained not guilty verdicts from juries in several high level Sex Crime cases. In order to best build a defense against such charges, the earlier an experienced defense attorney is involved the better. In addition to phone availability during regular business hours, Knuesel Law Firm maintains an after-hours contact number for consultations whenever the need arises. You have a right to speak with an attorney during all phases of a criminal investigation. Do not hesitate to tell law enforcement that you would like to speak with an attorney. Call Knuesel Law Firm today to discuss your rights and your options.