Solicitation/Internet Crimes

Internet offenses, such as Internet solicitation, are serious crimes with devastating consequences. On top of the embarrassment of the inevitable publicity that comes with these type of offenses, there are also collateral consequences that can be very costly. In some cases, the government may seize your personal property, including your computer and even your motor vehicle. The government is very aggressive in their efforts to charge and convict for these particular crimes, often times posting sexually suggestive ads to put them in contact with individuals who they later charge with solicitation type offenses. If you find yourself in a situation where you believe that you are being investigated for this or any other type of crime, it is important that you consult as soon as possible with an experienced criminal attorney. Attorney Kurt J. Knuesel has extensive experience representing clients charges with all types of criminal offenses. Attorney Knuesel can also help you with the collateral consequences that you may face as a result of these types of charges. Remember that you do have a right to speak with attorney at any point during a criminal investigation. This is a right that you should exercise regardless of when and where you are being investigated. Knuesel Law Firm maintains an after-hours and emergency phone line to better provide legal services to our clients whenever they need it. Call the Firm today to put Attorney Knuesel’s experience and proven results to work for you.