Wildlife/DNR violations

Have you been charged with a DNR offense? No matter how your citation has been issued, it is a serious problem that must be addressed properly. The current Fish and Game laws are extremely complex. In many cases, people are charged with crimes that they didn’t even know that they were committing. To make matters worse, a conviction for a Fish or Game violation can have unexpected consequences. In addition to hefty fines and forfeiture of expensive property, the government may prohibit you from hunting or fishing for several years. Don’t take these types of offenses lightly. Be sure that you have your case evaluated by an experienced attorney who fully understands the type of activity you were engaged in when you were ticketed as well as the seriousness of the consequences that you face. As an avid outdoorsman, Attorney Kurt J. Knuesel takes these consequences very seriously. Having hunted and fished since he was very young, Attorney Knuesel understands how important these activities are to people who are charged with these types of offenses. He will fight for you to ensure that your don’t lose the privilege of being able to engage in your favorite form of outdoor recreation. If you are charged with a Fish or Game violation, it is important that you have your case evaluated by an experienced attorney who understands the outdoors and the law. Attorney Knuesel has years of experience in the outdoors as well as representing clients who have been charged by the DNR with these types of offense. Knuesel Law Firm will fight for you and your rights to hunt and fish.